Who Is John Mayer?

John Mayer

John Mayer was born on 16 of October 1977. He is an experienced American producer and songwriter. John was born in Bridgeport Connecticut and raised in Fairfield. He attended Berkeley college of music but quit and moved to Atlanta in 1997. While in Atlanta, he joined Clay Cook and formed a two man band Lo-Fi masters. The band did not last for long. It split and members opted to continue playing in local clubs. John continued playing in local clubs and embarked on refining his skills. In 2001, he took part in South by South Festival. He was released several albums including the Room for squares 2001, heavier things 2003. In the same year, he won the Grammy award for the best male pop vocal performance.

Early Year

Young John Mayer


As a teen, John Mayer was a close friend to James Blake, a tennis star with whom he played Nintendo together. He was a friend of Michael J.Fox and watched him perform at various venues. He was mesmerized by fox’s instrument and requested his father to rent one for him at the age of 13. A good neighbor gave John a cassette that really motivated him and cultivated his love for blues. He loved and listened to Buddy Guy, B.B.King and Freddie King. He also listened to other artists such as Otis Rush and Hopkins. The artists that really inspired him and he started taking lessons from Al Ferrante, a local guitar-shop owner.

He was consumed by music, a thing that made his parents panic and take him to a psychiatrist on two occasions, but the psychiatrist declared that he was healthy and in good shape.

His parents’ marriage was contentious thus forcing him to disappear so that he could create a world he thought he could believe in. He practiced playing the gutter and singing for two years before he started playing at different venues including bars. He was a member of Villanova Junction band but continued performing solo.

By the time Mayer is 17, he suffered from cardiac dysrhythmia and was hospitalized for a weekend. When he left the hospital, he wrote his first lyrics. After this, Mayer suffered from a bout of panic attacks but feared to go into a mental institution and opted to manage the problem with anti- anxiety medication.

Even though John wanted to skip college so that he could pursue his music career, his parents dissuaded him and instead enrolled him in Massachusetts Berklee College of music when he was 19 years old. He quit college after two semesters and moved to Atlanta with Clay Cook. This is where they formed a two-man band Lo-Fi Masters and began performing in clubs. And local coffee houses.

Later, they experienced musical differences with Clay Cook because John had a burning desire to move towards pop music. This forced them to part ways and it made Mayer to begin a solo career.
Engineer Clenn Matullo is among the first producer that helped John record his album EP inside Wants Out. This album had eight songs in which John was a lead vocalist and guitarist. This album featured a number of tracks that had been co-written with Cook. Unfortunately, his only contribution was backing vocals in the song “comfortable“.


Music Success

John Mayer

Between 2000 and 2004, John Mayer and LaBruyere performed in Georgia and nearby states. John is one of the musicians that greatly benefited from the internet. It was at this time when the internet music market was flourishing and John enjoyed a great online following.

In March 2000, he appeared at the South by Southwest Festival that enabled him to launch himself with Aware Records. He was included in the Aware Festivals concerts. Later, Aware Records released Johns internet album entitled Room for square.

The album Room for Square spawned across many radios with hits such as “Your Body Is a Wonderland“, ”No Such Thing” and “Why Georgia” becoming hits. The album received a lot of praise and as a result, Mayer won a Grammy award for the song “Your Body Is a Wonderland”.
In February 2003 he released a live CD and DVD in Alabama and Birmingham. It included numbers such as “Man on the Sid” and “Covered in the rain” He released his second album in 2003 and received very positive reviews.


John Mayer’s career revolved around acoustic rock but he began moving towards blues genre that had originally influenced his career as a musician. He collaborated with B.B.King , Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy. The three top blues artists . They formed John Mayer Trio that released a live album in 2005 the album was called Try. In 2006 Mayer released his third album called Continuum. The album received an acclaim and earned him the 2007 Grammy award for the best Pop Vocal Album. Most noticeable and popular songs on the album included “Gravity“, “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room“, “Belief”, and “Dreaming With A Broken Heart”.

Mayer won the best male pop vocal performance for the album Waiting on the World to Change. In 2009, he released another album Battle Studies.


Continuum Album


The peak of his music career is his live concert “Where The Light Is” concert in L.A. The live concert is considered his best live performance of his career. It defined him as a master musician and guitar player.

Where The Light Is Live In L.A


John went through many controversial incidents with the media a thing that forced him to withdraw from public life in 2010. It is during this time that he began work on a follow-up album referred to as Born and Raised. The album drew inspiration from Laurel Canyon’s music that rocked the world in 1970s. Before the release of the album, Mayer was diagnosed with a granuloma on his vocal chord a thing delayed the release of the album Born and Raised.


When he finally released the album, it enjoyed some a favorable reception despite the fact that it failed to produce hit singles. Mayer received treatment for his vocal problem and two years later he began performing again as a single. In 2013, he released the album Paradise Valley named after the place where he lived in Montana and which featured country music. By the end of 2014, the album had sold over 20 million albums.


John Mayer Interview On His Controversies and Music


John moved his career to television hosting, writing, and comedy. He also wrote columns in magazines such as Esquire. John has on several occasions performed for charity benefits. He has greatly contributed to his own reputation in the media and lives in Montana.


Without a doubt, John Mayer is one of the greater guitar players. His music influences the new generation and brought back the interest of blues and rock to the younger generation. Even “Guitar God” Eric Clapton praised John as a “Master” guitar player.

Eric Clapton on John Mayer


John Mayer Biography and Music Documentary

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