How To Sound Like John Mayer (Guitar Tone)

This is a best video I found on how to sound like John Mayer. Very close to John’s guitar tone. (Guitar tones testing at video 5:50)

With the pedals mentioned in the video, you can replicate (very closely) John’s guitar tones in most of his popular songs like “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room“,  “Gravity“, “Who Did You Think I Was”. Enjoy playing!


Guitar Gears Used in the video:

Fender Custom Shop Journeyman Postmodern Strat:
Milkman Pedal Steel Mini 40w 1×12 Combo:
JRAD Archer Overdrive Pedal:
Robert Keeley Katana Boost Pedal:
Eventide Time Factor Twin Delay Pedal:
Fulltone USA Fulldrive FD2 Overdrive Pedal:
Way Huge Aqua-Puss Analogue Delay Pedal:
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal:
Xotic SP Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal:


Check out my John Mayer pedals page for more details on his pedals.