John Mayer Guitar World

John Mayer Guitar World


Hi!  Welcome to John Mayer Guitar World, this is Jay, I am a passionate guitar player and a John Mayer fan. I like his music, his guitar skills and his guitar tones. I think he is one of the greatest guitar players and song writers in the recent generation. John’s guitar skill is phenomenal. The first time I heard of him was back in 2005 when my friend played “Your Body Is A Wonderland” at a house gathering. I thought it was just another pop song. The song was catchy but I was not impressed. Until later on, I discovered and watched his “Gravity” live on YouTube, I was amazed and shocked by the ending solo. The guitar tone, the solo, and everything about the performance was a master piece.

I started listening more of his songs and became a huge fan. One of my favorite songs is “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room“. The guitar sound and tone is what I have been pursuing as a guitar player.


Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (Live in L.A)


Amazing “Gravity” live


So I decided to create this blog to share my passion of John Mayer’s Music which included his guitars, guitar toneamps, pedals and guitar tabs. I hope you will find this website useful and enjoyable! Feel free to sent me an email at

Thank you!